Red Ruyao One Hitter Kyusu Artisan Teapot - 140ml - Two Color Options

A fully handmade teapot with a red ruyao glaze. This teapot will likely not craze as much as typical ruyao, if at all, due to the thinness of the glaze. Some crackling may appear where the glaze is thickest. As with any handmade teapot, each teapot is unique. There may be small differences between the size, shape, and appearance of the teapot pictured.

This teapot comes in two colors, which are actually the same glaze, but a couple of them came out of the kiln with a darker red hue. The "white" colored teapots vary, ranging from white to slightly red. Each glaze is unique and might differ from the pots pictured. 
  • Dimensions:  11cm X 7.5cm X 7cm
  • Weight: 170g
  • H20 Capacity: 140ml

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