Gongfu Tea Set - Easy Gaiwan Cup Set - Penguin Black - 160ml

An easy gaiwan set with two teacups. The gaiwan is glazed on the exterior, but the interior is unglazed. The interior of the cups are glazed with white ruyao. The set stacks and can be carried in a cloth bag for easy transport.

The teacups will glaze will craze with use, leaving a crackled history of the teas that you drink. View additional glaze combinations for this set.

Easy Gaiwan Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 10cm X 6.7cm
  • Weight: over 200g, varies by glaze
  • H20 Capacity: 160ml

Teacup Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 8.3cm X 3.6cm
  • Weight: ~100g, varies by glaze
  • H20 Capacity: 95ml

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