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Drip Crystal Artisan Teacup

A drippy glaze on a rustic teacup. Cups vary a lot, read below!

Big Disclaimer: The pictures are a very rough guideline for this piece. These cups are unique and have a LOT of variation. This is a cup for people who loves surprises. Are you hoping the colors, glaze placement and cup shape match the picture? This is not the cup for you. All of the coloration and glaze patterning is forged at the whims of the kiln. If you’re not down for that ride, we totally understand – we just want to be crystal clear that you’re signing up for a cup that is from this artist, in the very rough style of the pictured cup, but everything else is going to be totally unpredictable for your unique cup. The clay might also have a little earthy funk on the first few uses, but a few boiling rinses and it will subside.

Dimensions: 7cm X 7.5cm
  • Weight: 290g
  • H20 Capacity: 90ml

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